The Rise of River Timber

From fallen flood wood to an upward heavenly spiral of light, our River Timber pendants are making their debut, in the presidential home of the San Marcos Baptist Academy in San Marcos, Texas.

The idea for this exquisite lighting and art glass series of flowing, organically shaped glass was born in the devastating aftermath of the 2015 Wimberley/San Marcos floods. Our founder, Tim de Jong’s desire was to transform what were symbols of tragedy into works of supreme and lasting beauty.

Three years ago, Tim de Jong was inspired when he came across fallen flood wood at the Swift River Pecan Saw Mill in Lockhart, Texas. This inspiration developed into a new collection of River Timber vases, and now a new line of art glass lighting. Each piece is created by blowing glass into a hollowed out log. The texture of the glass is formed from the charred surface of the wood as it burns and smokes away from the molten heat of the glass. No two are alike as the form changes.

Light through the texture of each glass piece refracts an organic yet elegant pattern of light onto adjacent surfaces about the space.

Lighting the foyer at the Academy brought our first River Timber lighting ensemble about, with several more underway in different settings. We’ve presented here the steps involved in bringing this project together from layout to installation. Walk through the space and take in the ambiance of these gracious works. (video)

These tri-pin cable pendants measure approximately 18” height by 6.5” wide, and come in a variety of metal finishes and custom cable lengths. They are also available in several tones and patterns. Design consultation is provided by our team of artisans and layouts are provided by our lighting designer. Installation is conveniently completed by electricians. This collection is now online and available through the gallery with trade discounts. Let us know how we can bring your project together.

Black Friday BlowOff

Wimberley Glassworks Blow Off Black Friday and watch us create art glass ornaments

Blow Off the big box stores on Friday and join us for some holiday family fun and specials on our local handcrafted art glass. We'll be creating our annual ornaments all day in live ongoing demonstrations and serving hot cider, through the weekend.

Want some hands on fun? Take one of our Hot Shop Experience Glass Classes together, November 24th from 5-7pm. Here are the details


Experience Your Piece

Glass blowing demonstrations and Class

Watch Us Create Your Piece

Gift an art glass piece and give the experience of watching it being created by our team of glassblowing artisans in our Texas hill country studio. Choose an art glass vase, bowl or sculpture from our Collections and schedule to watch your live demonstration.

This experience is limited to our art glass Collection pieces. Purchase a piece from our Collections pages then add watching the piece being created for a minimal charge to cover processing. When you're ready, scheduling needs to be arranged 3 weeks prior to the date you want to watch your piece being created by calling the gallery at 512-393-3316. Since we make our pieces to order and get supplies ahead of time, we've got a "you miss it we make it anyway" policy, and there would be no cancellations or delays. 

Bring friends and family and make it a special day. You'll be amazed!


Make Your Own Piece

Hot Shop Experience Glass Class

Experience the thrill of coloring, shaping and creating your own hand blown glass flower or elegant paperweight. Our expert instructors teach the history, tools and techniques of glass blowing.  Perfect for individuals or couples, these small format classes of between 6 and 10 people offer anyone an extraordinary opportunity to become part of the 2000 year old glass blowing tradition!

To see the schedule and purchase a ticket please click on the link below.  


Eventbrite - Glass Blowing Class

Gourdgeous Glass Pumpkin Patch

Feast your eyes on Wimberley Glassworks annual Gourdgeous Glass Pumpkin Patch. Celebrate with us September 29th at our studio and enjoy live Latin Jazz, Middleton Brewing cold beer on tap and glassblowing demonstrations by our team of artisans creating pumpkins with their twisty stems, all compliments of the Glassworks.

Hundreds of hand blown glass pumpkins and gourds are available to pick from now through the fall season. Here's more to choose from.

Join us for live Latin Jazz music by El Callejon during the afternoon 12-3 while you view the pumpkins. 

Enjoy a complimentary cold beer on tap from a local favorite, Middleton Brewing. 

Curious on how we make our gourdgeous pumpkins? Enjoy a glassblowing demo during the event and see our artists create these gourdgeous pumpkins!


This is a rain or shine event with festivities happening all day, indoors and out. Kids are welcome, and there's plenty of parking. Small dogs can be carried inside and larger dogs are welcome outside. The glassblowing demonstrations here are open to the public free of charge and are ongoing throughout the day. 

Come choose your pumpkin before the patch is picked.



River Timber Lighting

The idea for this exquisite lighting and art glass series of flowing, organically shaped glass was born in the devastating aftermath of the 2015 Wimberley/San Marcos floods. During the floods, the area was devastated and many hundred year old trees fell along the river system. Our founder Tim de Jong’s desire was to transform what were symbols of tragedy into works of supreme and lasting beauty. Working with a local sawmill, Swift River Pecans, these trees were developed into the molds used to create beautiful vases. As it was refined, the technique was then utilized to create an art installation, and now a stunning lighting series.



Each mold is made from one log divided in half to be a two part mold and hollowed out with a chain saw. As the glass is blown into it, it picks up all of that texture from the chain saw and slowly starts to burn the log. As the log burns, the mold continues to change shape, rendering each piece unique. The burn texture in the glass creates a beautiful refractive pattern when lit. 



Due to the organic shape of the glass and the irregularity, the glass needs to be extra thick for it to maintain its integrity through cutting, polishing, and grinding.  This creates an extremely heavy piece of glass, pushing the weight limits of normal lighting fixtures. Our specialty Tri-Pin fixture was created to hold the weight of the glass while maintaining the airy look of the fixture. Utilizing aircraft cable, the glass piece is able to be easily suspended while the electrical component falls through merely holding the weight of the light bulb. The light bulbs shown are specialty T10 medium base led light bulbs from Satco which evenly lights the glass and enhances the sparkle. These fixtures can also be used to hang other types of heavy glass such as cylinders.