Gourdgeous Glass Pumpkin Patch

Feast your eyes on Wimberley Glassworks annual Gourdgeous Glass Pumpkin Patch. Celebrate with us September 29th at our studio and enjoy live Latin Jazz, Middleton Brewing cold beer on tap and glassblowing demonstrations by our team of artisans creating pumpkins with their twisty stems, all compliments of the Glassworks.

Hundreds of hand blown glass pumpkins and gourds are available to pick from now through the fall season. Here's more to choose from.

Join us for live Latin Jazz music by El Callejon during the afternoon 12-3 while you view the pumpkins. 

Enjoy a complimentary cold beer on tap from a local favorite, Middleton Brewing. 

Curious on how we make our gourdgeous pumpkins? Enjoy a glassblowing demo during the event and see our artists create these gourdgeous pumpkins!


This is a rain or shine event with festivities happening all day, indoors and out. Kids are welcome, and there's plenty of parking. Small dogs can be carried inside and larger dogs are welcome outside. The glassblowing demonstrations here are open to the public free of charge and are ongoing throughout the day. 

Come choose your pumpkin before the patch is picked.



River Timber Lighting

The idea for this exquisite lighting and art glass series of flowing, organically shaped glass was born in the devastating aftermath of the 2015 Wimberley/San Marcos floods. During the floods, the area was devastated and many hundred year old trees fell along the river system. Our founder Tim de Jong’s desire was to transform what were symbols of tragedy into works of supreme and lasting beauty. Working with a local sawmill, Swift River Pecans, these trees were developed into the molds used to create beautiful vases. As it was refined, the technique was then utilized to create an art installation, and now a stunning lighting series.



Each mold is made from one log divided in half to be a two part mold and hollowed out with a chain saw. As the glass is blown into it, it picks up all of that texture from the chain saw and slowly starts to burn the log. As the log burns, the mold continues to change shape, rendering each piece unique. The burn texture in the glass creates a beautiful refractive pattern when lit. 



Due to the organic shape of the glass and the irregularity, the glass needs to be extra thick for it to maintain its integrity through cutting, polishing, and grinding.  This creates an extremely heavy piece of glass, pushing the weight limits of normal lighting fixtures. Our specialty Tri-Pin fixture was created to hold the weight of the glass while maintaining the airy look of the fixture. Utilizing aircraft cable, the glass piece is able to be easily suspended while the electrical component falls through merely holding the weight of the light bulb. The light bulbs shown are specialty T10 medium base led light bulbs from Satco which evenly lights the glass and enhances the sparkle. These fixtures can also be used to hang other types of heavy glass such as cylinders.

Hot Glass Cold Beer

Join us last Saturdays monthly through September from 1:30 to 4pm as we welcome the weekend with hot glass and a cold beer! August 25th, enjoy a beer from Middleton Brewery, listen to guitarist Ian Lee, watch a glassblowing demo and take a look at our assortment of individually hand crafted glasses and mugs, all compliments of the Glassworks!

Enjoy a beer while you are here from Middleton Brewery, a local business right down the road! Middleton Brewery has been open to the public for 11 years now, and offers extensive styles of beer. Click here to learn more.

Providing music for the afternoon will be musician Ian Lee. Lee is a multi-instrumentalist and singer out of Wimberley, Texas. He brings the styles of swing, jazz and old time to the listener, with a reminiscent yet fresh and intangible quality; It's easy listening at its finest.

Glassblowing demos will be held throughout the afternoon and the gallery provides a great place to cool off and enjoy the unique glass art. An assortment of mugs and glasses will be out and available to purchase, the perfect addition to a nice cold one! 

Festivities will be rain or shine and ongoing for the day with no ticket necessary. Kids are welcome, and there's plenty of parking. Small dogs can be carried inside and larger dogs are welcome outside. Thanks for coming.

Residential Project: Leander House


This project is decorative lighting for a couple’s forever home just northwest of Austin, TX in the town of Leander. The lighting along with the color ties together the outside of the home with what is happening on the inside. The subtle smoke color picks up on the golden grain in the green counter tops and in the wood found throughout.








The goal of this project started with the stairway going to the second floor that is visible from the outside of the home through an irregular arrangement of windows. There was a need for a real statement piece that worked inside and could be seen from the outside of the home as you are pulling up, inviting you in. The colors were chosen to integrate with the kitchen due to its proximity and to incorporate in with some of the other Hubbardton Forge fixtures they had already chosen for the space.





 Originally the couple had liked a smaller Hubbardton Forge spiral pendant configuration but it was not large enough for the space. What we did was adapt this idea and made a larger spiral of nine individual custom length Hubbardton Forge Trumpet pendants in Dark Smoke with 4” x 13” glass cylinders in Smoky Topaz Hotwrap. Plans from the architect were used to layout the glass in the space as it related to the staircase below. In the kitchen, we used a more organic version of this pattern called Smoky Topaz Birdsnest to compliment the more organic metal work the couple liked which also contrasts nicely with the more linear kitchen design. Two Birdsnest Globes were added in the entryway and kitchen. The globe gives an accent to the entryway that is again seen inside and outside of the house which plays off the larger spiral piece.




In terms of the plans and modeling, the couple utilized the services of our design team which helped conceptualize the project.  

Architect: BarleyPfeiffer

Builder: Neal English

Industry Resource: Hubbardton Forge, Meyda Lighting


Brighten Up Dark Corners

Nothing brightens up your life more than a little light from a lamp in a darkened neglected corner of your home, apartment or loft space. First off, choose the corner or area to be enlightened. Which room or area is it in? Is the space a private area or a family entertainment area? Is the space formal such as your front entry, or relaxed like your family room or sitting area in the master?

Here are a couple of ideas that you might want to consider when adding light, which creates mood to your space. Think of the mood or energies expressed in the different areas of your home. In areas where you might want to be alert, use cooler colors as they tend to stimulate energy. In areas such as your bedroom, library or family room, more subdued relaxing colors may want to be used. For common areas, a mix of both, depending on the other colors in your decorating palette.

Let’s pick the kitchen as a space. The way I view the Kitchen is as follows… This room is always the busiest in the house physically, as well as visually. I like to pick the color that is least visible in the room. I usually pick that fleck of color scattered around in the granite countertop. By doing this you bring to the forefront that color, which brings balance as well as a focal point to the space. Have a look around your space. The fixture design should reflect the hardware of the kitchen both in color and style.

In the bedroom I usually blend the colors of the room, the mood, and the time of day I spend the most time present in that space. If it is the morning hours that are more dominant, than the palette might want to be cool. If evening is the time you love to relax in your space, then warmer colors associated with relaxation and calmness can contribute to a restful sleep.

The library or family room allows for a great opportunity to display your favorite colors. Colors such as your favorite sports team or your alma-mater, who cares if it matches the decorating, be yourself! Add something that will make you smile. In these rooms it's all about you.

Everyone wants to make a statement that separates their home from everyone else. If a statement is what you are looking for than the front entry is the place for that! Let yourself go, and show everyone who enters your home who you are!

Whatever you end up doing make sure you love your addition. After all, you live, eat, breathe, and receive guests and friends next to each decision you make.