Introducing Ocean Stone!

Introducing the new Ocean Stone art glass! After months of experimentation, refinement and prototyping, our glassblowers have completed their latest color pattern. Rich aquas, blues and turquoise meld together in undulating layers to create this beautiful hand blown glass shade.

Ocean Stone is one of the most versatile cool color patterns we make with a range of hues from green to blue. It can act as a center piece, drawing the eye and delighting the senses or meld seamlessly into existing decor as an accent color.

This new style maintains a beautiful contrast unlit and creates a rich, vibrant glow when used as a glass shade or as part of pendant lighting. 

[Image Left: A tall tapered Ocean Stone art glass shade set atop a hand made floor lamp.] 


Clear glass is pulled molten from our furnaces. Rich, radiant blue and green are folded into the glass again and again to create the distinctive layering of Ocean Stone. Ribbons of subtle color feather below richly hued veins of glass above, combining into an organic lattice that seems to flow. 

Ocean stone pattern close up

 [A close up of the new Ocean Stone pattern molded into a platter pendant.] 

Pendant in the Ocean Stone pattern

[The Antasia platter pendant with a piece of the Ocean Stone art glass.]


Ocean Stone is available for platter sconces, platter pendants and most shade shapes. Drop by the gallery to see this newest Wimberley Glassworks exclusive for yourself. Or call us at 512-213-4148 to order over the phone. 

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