Residential Project: Leander House


This project is decorative lighting for a couple’s forever home just northwest of Austin, TX in the town of Leander. The lighting along with the color ties together the outside of the home with what is happening on the inside. The subtle smoke color picks up on the golden grain in the green counter tops and in the wood found throughout.








The goal of this project started with the stairway going to the second floor that is visible from the outside of the home through an irregular arrangement of windows. There was a need for a real statement piece that worked inside and could be seen from the outside of the home as you are pulling up, inviting you in. The colors were chosen to integrate with the kitchen due to its proximity and to incorporate in with some of the other Hubbardton Forge fixtures they had already chosen for the space.





 Originally the couple had liked a smaller Hubbardton Forge spiral pendant configuration but it was not large enough for the space. What we did was adapt this idea and made a larger spiral of nine individual custom length Hubbardton Forge Trumpet pendants in Dark Smoke with 4” x 13” glass cylinders in Smoky Topaz Hotwrap. Plans from the architect were used to layout the glass in the space as it related to the staircase below. In the kitchen, we used a more organic version of this pattern called Smoky Topaz Birdsnest to compliment the more organic metal work the couple liked which also contrasts nicely with the more linear kitchen design. Two Birdsnest Globes were added in the entryway and kitchen. The globe gives an accent to the entryway that is again seen inside and outside of the house which plays off the larger spiral piece.




In terms of the plans and modeling, the couple utilized the services of our design team which helped conceptualize the project.  

Architect: BarleyPfeiffer

Builder: Neal English

Industry Resource: Hubbardton Forge, Meyda Lighting


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