Brighten Up Dark Corners

Nothing brightens up your life more than a little light from a lamp in a darkened neglected corner of your home, apartment or loft space. First off, choose the corner or area to be enlightened. Which room or area is it in? Is the space a private area or a family entertainment area? Is the space formal such as your front entry, or relaxed like your family room or sitting area in the master?

Here are a couple of ideas that you might want to consider when adding light, which creates mood to your space. Think of the mood or energies expressed in the different areas of your home. In areas where you might want to be alert, use cooler colors as they tend to stimulate energy. In areas such as your bedroom, library or family room, more subdued relaxing colors may want to be used. For common areas, a mix of both, depending on the other colors in your decorating palette.

Let’s pick the kitchen as a space. The way I view the Kitchen is as follows… This room is always the busiest in the house physically, as well as visually. I like to pick the color that is least visible in the room. I usually pick that fleck of color scattered around in the granite countertop. By doing this you bring to the forefront that color, which brings balance as well as a focal point to the space. Have a look around your space. The fixture design should reflect the hardware of the kitchen both in color and style.

In the bedroom I usually blend the colors of the room, the mood, and the time of day I spend the most time present in that space. If it is the morning hours that are more dominant, than the palette might want to be cool. If evening is the time you love to relax in your space, then warmer colors associated with relaxation and calmness can contribute to a restful sleep.

The library or family room allows for a great opportunity to display your favorite colors. Colors such as your favorite sports team or your alma-mater, who cares if it matches the decorating, be yourself! Add something that will make you smile. In these rooms it's all about you.

Everyone wants to make a statement that separates their home from everyone else. If a statement is what you are looking for than the front entry is the place for that! Let yourself go, and show everyone who enters your home who you are!

Whatever you end up doing make sure you love your addition. After all, you live, eat, breathe, and receive guests and friends next to each decision you make.

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