A Journey Through America: Understanding American Whiskey

Raise your glass, to our new collection of Whiskey & Wine glasses coming soon to the Glassworks!

In making their debut, we've planned an evening of professional whiskey tasting, led by Russ, owner of Speaking of Grapes and Grains. Join us June 6th from 5-7pm at Wimberley Glassworks.

Gain new knowledge and understanding for Whiskey history, insights, mystic, heritage and new discovery. Did you know that all Bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is Bourbon? We'll be tasting eight American Whiskies, lightest to heaviest, along with lite bites and treats to cleanse the palate.

Russ has been in the alcoholic beverage industry for over 35 years in sales, marketing and management. 

Russ with Speaking of Grapes and GrainsHe is the owner of Speaking of Grapes and Grains – a company which educates, entertains, and consults on all aspects of alcoholic beverages. Having traveled all around the world, learning from the masters of the distillery business, and having participated in over 1900 distilled spirits and wine events, Russ offers to take you on a educational journey to share his knowledge and experiences with you.  From Scotch tastings to wine pairing dinners, from seminars to hands on training, Russ is considered to be the distilled spirits Ambassador at Large throughout the United States. 

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