The Rise of River Timber

From fallen flood wood to an upward heavenly spiral of light, our River Timber pendants are making their debut, in the presidential home of the San Marcos Baptist Academy in San Marcos, Texas.

The idea for this exquisite lighting and art glass series of flowing, organically shaped glass was born in the devastating aftermath of the 2015 Wimberley/San Marcos floods. Our founder, Tim de Jong’s desire was to transform what were symbols of tragedy into works of supreme and lasting beauty.

Three years ago, Tim de Jong was inspired when he came across fallen flood wood at the Swift River Pecan Saw Mill in Lockhart, Texas. This inspiration developed into a new collection of River Timber vases, and now a new line of art glass lighting. Each piece is created by blowing glass into a hollowed out log. The texture of the glass is formed from the charred surface of the wood as it burns and smokes away from the molten heat of the glass. No two are alike as the form changes.

Light through the texture of each glass piece refracts an organic yet elegant pattern of light onto adjacent surfaces about the space.

Lighting the foyer at the Academy brought our first River Timber lighting ensemble about, with several more underway in different settings. We’ve presented here the steps involved in bringing this project together from layout to installation. Walk through the space and take in the ambiance of these gracious works. (video)

These tri-pin cable pendants measure approximately 18” height by 6.5” wide, and come in a variety of metal finishes and custom cable lengths. They are also available in several tones and patterns. Design consultation is provided by our team of artisans and layouts are provided by our lighting designer. Installation is conveniently completed by electricians. This collection is now online and available through the gallery with trade discounts. Let us know how we can bring your project together.

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