River Timber Vases Unveiled!

River Timber Vases

[River Timber vases including (clockwise from the top) an Emerald Ocean Tall vase, Amber Vase, Kaleidoscope Vase, and Clear with Sapphire Stripe vase.]

The idea for this exquisite collection of  glass vases was born in the devastating aftermath of the 2015 Wimberley/San Marcos. Each vase is shaped in a wood mold created from flood felled trees, fulfilling Wimberley Glassworks founder Tim DeJong’s desire to transform symbols of tragedy into works of supreme and lasting beauty.

Amber River Timber Vase


Introducing the new River Timber vases, combining the beautiful refractive qualities of glass with the flowing, organic shapes of wood and timber. Each vase is a unique creation. The mold used to craft it is slowly consumed by the heat of molten glass as this work of art is shaped. 

Sapphire River Timber Vase


Come explore the beautiful collection of River Timber Art Vases today!

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