The Story of River Timber

River Timber Vases

"The 2015 floods of Wimberley and San Marcos were a devastating and impactful experience for all of us. It's hard to look at the river the same as we once did. In living through our area's difficulties and reconstruction, my mind almost immediately had shifted to a thought process of... "How can we make something positive from our collective experience?" While thinking this over, I could not get the image of the majestic trees, snapped from their roots and washed downstream out of my mind. For me, the trees became a symbol of a paradise lost, and ignited a lust to regain it! But how can we make something positive from an experience that was so devastating?"


River Timber vases 02

"At this point I discovered the Swift River Pecans sawmill in Fentress, Texas. Here they were making table tops and mantles from the great trees that fell during the floods. The idea of using only flood water wood to create works of beauty was a perfect fit. Together we transformed trees felled in the floods into wooden molds used to shape molten glass."


River Timber 03


"The River Timber series was born. What Nature has taken down, we are bringing back up in the form of light shades, vases, and beautiful art."


- Tim de Jong

Wimberley Glassworks Founder and Head Gaffer


River Timber Orange and Clear


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