Watch Us Create Your Piece

Gift an art glass piece and give the experience of watching it being created by our team of glassblowing artisans in our Texas hill country studio. Choose an art glass vase, bowl or sculpture from our Collections and schedule to watch your live demonstration.

Watch us create your piece at Wimberley Glassworks for a special occasion, anniversary or birthday gift

This experience is limited to our Art Glass Collection Vase, Wildflower Vases and Sculpture pieces for an additional fee equivalent to 15% of the purchase price. Scheduling needs to be arranged 1 week prior to the date you want to watch your piece being created by calling the gallery at 512-393-3316. Since we make our pieces to order and get supplies ahead of time, we've got a "you miss it we make it anyway" policy, and there would be no cancellations or delays. If you need to change the date, let us know beforehand.

Bring friends and family and make it a special day to remember.

You'll be amazed!