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glassblowing installation piece

Each space has its own emotion, its own sense of discovery, to the public, the owners, the architects, and to me. It is my desire as the artist to work with all concerned, to highlight, expand, bring forth and share with the public, the wonder, excitement, and joy of each space – Tim de Jong, Owner and Creative Director.

Wimberley Glassworks has been a vital creative partner in helping Granite to "brand" our new buildings with one of a kind lobby lighting ensembles which are always the centerpiece of discussion when we open the buildings to the public - David Cunningham, Granite Properties



Who We Are

Tim de Jong

Wimberley Glassworks

Our in-house creative team includes four glass artisans, led by Tim de Jong, and a lighting designer who makes our artistic projects a reality. All glass is created in our 6,500 square foot facility in the Wimberley Valley. We pride our company on minimal outsourcing outside of the United States. We embrace a wide variety of architectural styles and scales; from large commercial art installations to residential lighting, we work intimately with our clients to create beautiful pieces that function perfectly in their  space. All designs are made with consideration to:

  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • UL listings
  • LED compatibility
  • Environmental impact
  • LEED ratings




How It's Done

Wimberley Glassworks Render

Wimberley Glassworks prototype

We believe in being present throughout the entire project, for a truly unique and integrated installation.  We will take into account the feeling of the space, the scale, and the emotion we are endeavoring to evoke from the surrounding architectural elements. These ideas are then developed into renders and models to understand how the piece will function in the intended space, and physical mockups will ensure the project engineering standards as well as meeting our artistic intention. Technical drawings and instructions are created for all teams involved in the execution. The glass is created to defined, specific standards, while at the same time maintaining the character of hand-blown glass. Finally, the project will be delivered on time and installed with the utmost respect for safety, the art and the space.


Ashley Main - Lead Designer

Ashley Main

Ashley comes to us all the way from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She graduated from Parsons The New School for Design in New York City.

In her work with us, the artistic component is primary. Most of what she does are art installations and they involve precise lighting to bring out the proper effects. Her Master's program originally started out with her doing architectural lighting, which she soon discovered did not fulfill her creative drive, although she did learn a great deal about the dynamics and technical details of the work. 

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