Live Glassblowing Demonstrations

We're back, with new gallery and glassblowing hours!

We're happy to be back and look forward to seeing you.  GLASSBLOWERS CANNOT WEAR MASKS TO DO THEIR WORK so everyone viewing must wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times. We want to spread kindness and creativity only, so masks are required inside in the gallery and demo area, over your face and mouth at all times.

Per COVID 19 regulations in this area, we will have limited capacity in the gallery and glassblowing demo areas, but there is plenty of space to spread out inside and outdoor space to enjoy while you wait if needed. 

If you come with a group larger than 10, then you will be asked to split your group, with some watching the demo while others tour the gallery, so we can accommodate everybody.


Live Glassblowing Demonstration Hours 

Thursday through Sunday 10:30-3:00pm

Demos are ongoing throughout the day. Glassblowers take a half hour lunch mid day.

Come watch our team of artisans create beautiful art glass using age-old techniques. Our viewing area is open air and most comfortable in the summer months during morning hours. The demo area hosts ongoing live glassblowing demonstrations throughout the day, although during this time we are limiting the viewing area to a maximum of 12 people with plenty of space in between to keep your social distance. 

We are handicapped equipped, all ages are welcome, and there is a gallery scavenger hunt available upon request for children. Small lap dogs may come watch too. See how we form works of art from molten glass. You'll be amazed!

Closed on the day of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Easter

The gallery and studio is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays weekly


There is no fee for watching the glassblowing demonstrations during these times, you can come and go at your convenience. We are in production throughout the day with live demonstrations, however, glassblowers take a quick break between demos and may take a short lunch break at an unspecified time during the day.

Schedule a Group Demonstration

Currently, due to Covid, group demonstrations have been suspended until further notice. If you come with a group larger than 10, then you will be asked to split your group with some watching the demo while others tour the gallery.

When we get back to normal, then the following will apply again.

If you would like to schedule a demonstration for a group of 10 or more, we do set appointments so you can enjoy watching a piece made from start to finish. 

There is a $2 fee per person, age 4 ad up, for groups of 10 or more. Demonstrations can only be scheduled for Thursdays or Fridays at either 10am or 2pm. Reservations are required, with a one week minimum prior to the date. At this time, group demos have been temporarily suspended, however, you are still able to come and watch demonstrations following current regulations.

Please call 512-393-3316 for more information or to schedule a group demonstration.

Private Demonstrations are Available

If you'd like your group to view a private demonstration after hours, with the option of using our event space, please call the gallery for details and arrangements.