Art Glass Installation CEU Course

Wimberley Glassworks now provides an accredited AIA CEU course on incorporating art glass installations into your architectural spaces. Contact Ashley Main, lead designer, for more information at 512-213-0923 or

Course Title: Art Glass Installations

Course Number: WGWINSTALL101

Year: 2016

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to understand how architectural art glass installations are created and produced as well as their benefits. This course gives design professionals an in-depth understanding of how to include large scale, three-dimensional art glass installations in their buildings, from concept through design, production, and installation.

Course Learning Units: 1.00

Credit Designation: LU

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about the properties of art glass
  2. Learn about the various types of art glass installation
  3. Understand the process of how an art glass installation is designed for a client
  4. Understand how an art glass installation is installed
  5. Recognize some of the benefits of including an art glass installation

Course Information: (External Web Link)