Blue Ocean Vase Collection - Leap Year Special

Ocean Blue

Ochre and Amber Murrinis float through light blue art glass, reminiscent of jelly fish in the shallows of the sea. Sunlight plays through the water-like transparency of this cobalt blue glass like a warm day at the ocean. Place them in a well lit spot or sunny window, alone or in groupings as shown here.

These vases are made to order unless indicated as available.

Use code TakeTheLeap when purchasing from this collection and save 10%, now through Leap Day, February 29th.

Wimberley Glassworks Recent Art Glass Installation - Abundance

Abundance Art Installation

 Wimberley Glassworks is pleased to announce their recent custom glass art installation Abundance, a collaborative effort between The Glassworks' Tim de Jong and Boka Powell architectural firm for Granite Properties' latest hi-rise lobby in Granite Park V.


Abundance installation from elevator view

Abundance installation by daylight

Abundance Installation in Lobby by daylight

1,200 pieces of handcrafted glass are grouped together in a wave-like crescent formation spanning 74 feet long and 49 feet wide across the ceiling and suspended 4.5 feet down from the ceiling in the lobby of the hi-rise in Plano, Texas, part of the Granite Park expansion. The formation was engineered to hang in staggered layers creating a seemingly unified surface. Anchor location was determined with a laser surveying technique. Each piece is suspended from the ceiling with thin airline cable that virtually disappears against the white ceiling allowing focus on the glass instead of the mechanics.

The goal of our art installations is to stimulate the space and the viewer’s reaction to the space with a combination of color, light and the sparkle that only glass can provide.

Abundance Art background

The client’s concept for the Granite 5 lobby project was to create a feeling of prosperity while keeping it light, translucent and visually activated. The collaborative result was our installation, titled Abundance, created out of over 1200 ribbons of glass in 3 different glass patterns that, when lit from above, gives the illusion of waves of abundant schools of fish darting across the ceiling. This visual representation of abundance and energy is ideal for the lobby of an office building. Before a client even enters the elevator, the mood of the building has been set.


Granite 5 architectural model render


Granite 5 architectural render 2

This concept was proposed by Granite Properties and Boka Powell. The shape, coloring, texture and design was developed by Wimberley Glassworks design team.

One challenge to this particular installation is a restaurant at the end of the corridor with an entire wall than can open up allowing the possibility of strong winds through the lobby. Upon building our mockup, we assembled an array of powerful fans and simulated a 50 mph wind on the piece making sure there was no glass to glass contact in our design in such conditions.

Creation of a single ribbon of glass in the Wimberley shop
Prototype of Abundance display

During the initial production phase, the team at Boka Powell got a hands on demonstration at the Glassworks of the individual art glass pieces being created. The mock-up created was approved and production was underway. After eight months of glass piece production on what came to be known as "doing the twist" plus wiring, cataloging and packing at an offsite location, the assembly came together quickly and magnificently.

Granite Park V is an office building located across from Granite Properties Hyatt Granite Park and is open to the public. We encourage Wimberley Glassworks fans to tour this art installation and several others located in the Dallas area as well.

Learn about the custom process and see more custom works by the Glassworks. Collaborate with our design associate Ashley Main regarding your own design needs at or 512-293-0123.

HEB Custom Hand Blown Lighting by Wimberley Glassworks

HEB custom lighting by WGW

Price check at the t-bone checkout, or assistance at the cupcake checkout is what you’ll hear at the new HEB in Wimberley, instead of the usual price check at #8.  HEB recently opened this artisan inspired grocery store, with Wimberley Glassworks blown glass custom designed lights illuminating the checkouts.

HEB checkout lines

When HEB decided to build a store in Wimberley, Bowen Intermediate school, scheduled for demolition, occupied their desired site. Purchase was made from Wimberley School District and word soon got out that the memorable school to many long time residents would become a grocery store. Little did most know at the time that HEB would honor the community so highly with regard to the design of their building and their donations


Construction of the commercial business progressed to a subtle but impressive structure, that appears to rise out of the natural surroundings of the hill country itself, with natural tones and native landscaping. On September 14th this year, over 300 attended the opening event, for their first glimpse of the interior. Many donations were given, and many were honored, one of which was Tim de Jong for his contribution as an artisan. The whimsical interior, incorporating children’s art, and reclaimed items from the Bowen school demolition, was a heart-felt experience for all to see.  The gym floor, where many residents made childhood memories of school sporting events, was now integrated into a decorative wall finish throughout the store. Gym benches, were fashioned into a large chef’s hat over the deli and the jungle gym made into a seating area outside. A playful use of color throughout the store, focuses on the blown glass checkout stand lights, complemented with several Wimberley Glassworks glass patterns in a variety of colors. The 16" tall cylindrical shades set in a metal base, when lit, illuminate familiar product images such as ice cream cones, instead of numbers, for in-store checkout reference.  

HEB Wimberley Checkout line


Tim de Jong and glassblowing team at Wimberley Glassworks, are honored to have worked with and represent HEB, in creating glass art for the community at large to enjoy.  Come on out to Wimberley, experience a glassblowing demonstration, see the gallery, and take a first-hand look at the HEB nearby.

Check out our video glassblowing one of the HEB shades here.


Wimberley Glassworks Latest Blown Glass Collection Dragon Scale

Dragonscale logo in front of furnace


Fire from the mouth of the furnace to these enchanting blown glass Dragon Scale vessels -  these pieces are favored at the gallery making their presence somewhat mythical. Like fire, sunlight will beam through these translucent works when placed in a sunlit location. 

Dragonscale vase design

Wes Sweetser, one of Wimberley Glassworks team of artisans for over 10 years, developed this particular pattern over time into a recently recognized collection for the Glassworks. Dragon Scale Collection is available now in the gallery and online for purchase.

Wes Sweetser dragonscale

Over 200 people attended opening night September 20th, 2015 with live music by Taylor and the Wild Now, local flavor, and Dragon's Breath cocktails by Cypress Creek Rum Distillery. 


 Our team at the Dragonscale release

Our dragonified watermelon!

Crowd at the Dragonscale reveal event

Dragon Scale pieces were created in glassblowing demonstrations throughout the afternoon, with some wizard-like effects. Watch the glassblowing video below to see some of the live action. Thanks to everyone who came out to make this a successful and fun event.

Dragonscale by firelight