Wimberley Glassworks Recent Art Glass Installation - Abundance

Abundance Art Installation

 Wimberley Glassworks is pleased to announce their recent custom glass art installation Abundance, a collaborative effort between The Glassworks' Tim de Jong and Boka Powell architectural firm for Granite Properties' latest hi-rise lobby in Granite Park V.


Abundance installation from elevator view

Abundance installation by daylight

Abundance Installation in Lobby by daylight

1,200 pieces of handcrafted glass are grouped together in a wave-like crescent formation spanning 74 feet long and 49 feet wide across the ceiling and suspended 4.5 feet down from the ceiling in the lobby of the hi-rise in Plano, Texas, part of the Granite Park expansion. The formation was engineered to hang in staggered layers creating a seemingly unified surface. Anchor location was determined with a laser surveying technique. Each piece is suspended from the ceiling with thin airline cable that virtually disappears against the white ceiling allowing focus on the glass instead of the mechanics.

The goal of our art installations is to stimulate the space and the viewer’s reaction to the space with a combination of color, light and the sparkle that only glass can provide.

Abundance Art background

The client’s concept for the Granite 5 lobby project was to create a feeling of prosperity while keeping it light, translucent and visually activated. The collaborative result was our installation, titled Abundance, created out of over 1200 ribbons of glass in 3 different glass patterns that, when lit from above, gives the illusion of waves of abundant schools of fish darting across the ceiling. This visual representation of abundance and energy is ideal for the lobby of an office building. Before a client even enters the elevator, the mood of the building has been set.


Granite 5 architectural model render


Granite 5 architectural render 2

This concept was proposed by Granite Properties and Boka Powell. The shape, coloring, texture and design was developed by Wimberley Glassworks design team.

One challenge to this particular installation is a restaurant at the end of the corridor with an entire wall than can open up allowing the possibility of strong winds through the lobby. Upon building our mockup, we assembled an array of powerful fans and simulated a 50 mph wind on the piece making sure there was no glass to glass contact in our design in such conditions.

Creation of a single ribbon of glass in the Wimberley shop
Prototype of Abundance display

During the initial production phase, the team at Boka Powell got a hands on demonstration at the Glassworks of the individual art glass pieces being created. The mock-up created was approved and production was underway. After eight months of glass piece production on what came to be known as "doing the twist" plus wiring, cataloging and packing at an offsite location, the assembly came together quickly and magnificently.

Granite Park V is an office building located across from Granite Properties Hyatt Granite Park and is open to the public. We encourage Wimberley Glassworks fans to tour this art installation and several others located in the Dallas area as well.

Learn about the custom process and see more custom works by the Glassworks. Collaborate with our design associate Ashley Main regarding your own design needs at amain@wgw.com or 512-293-0123.

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