Wimberley 4th of July Parade

For the first time ever WGW had the chance to participate in the Wimberley 4th of July Parade! Tim DeJong even brought the new Wimberley Glassworks panel van to join in the festivities.  

WGW at the Wimberley 4th of July Parade

[Vanessa Horodecky blowing massive bubbles for the passing crowd]

Between monster soap bubbles and bags and bags of candy, the WGW crew was a huge hit with the 4th of July kidlets! Who knew that 20 pounds of blow pops would be nowhere near enough?


WGW on the 4th of July

[Glassblower Manda Barnes and the brand new WGW panel van at the 4th of July Parade.]

We were so glad to have the chance to celebrate our nation's birthday with the people of the Wimberley Valley!

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