Solar Ray Opener September 17th

Join Wimberley Glassworks as we present a stunning array of glass, September 17th 5-8pm. Watch the illumination of the Glassworks’ latest art glass installation transition into the night. Daylight streaming through the windows allows the unique textures and contours of the glass to glisten. At night the piece is ignited with an auroral display of color against a dark sky, using the latest RGB technology. Playing off our tower’s architecture, as it arches towards the sun, this installation exemplifies how the Glassworks’ designs create wonderment and discovery in public spaces.


 Solar Ray by morning light

“Years ago, after my discovery of the sunset beaming through winter ice buildup on the railings at Niagara Falls, I began to put light through my art glass. Today, light emits through all my works on a grander scale leaving a sense of discovery that is a thought provoking and positive experience”, says Tim de Jong, owner and lead designer at Wimberley Glassworks.


Meet the artist and peruse the gallery of art glass collections and blown glass lighting. RSVP at to enter the drawing and enjoy an evening of glassmaking, live music by the Outliers, and fine wine tasting by Patio Dolcetto of San Marcos. See you then!

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