Art Installation Peek

A new soon-to-be-unveiled WGW art installation is nearing completion! Take a peek at the project to see what goes into creating, cold working, wiring and hanging an installation's worth of hand blown glass!

Glass twists for project preview

[Each of hundreds of glass twists must be cut and individually wired for hanging.]

Pulling Glass Ribbon

[A glass twist being pulled and shaped by a team of 3 glassblowers. This must be done well over 500 times to create the entire installation.]


[After each twist is made and cooled in an annealing kiln for a day they are cut on both ends and polished in a process called cold working.]

Sketchup Design

[The final design will include 508 pieces in interlocking and concentric circles of glass twists in 3 different style.]


Final pictures of this project will be unveiled on our Art Installation page once it has been installed! Check back in mid-October for preliminary pictures of the install and full release of the project around the beginning of the year. 




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