Introducing our first-ever Glassblowing class

Experience Glassblowing!

Glassblowing class
Wimberley Glassworks is proud to offer our first-ever glass blowing class! Experience the thrill of coloring, shaping and creating your own hand blown glass flower or elegant paperweight. Learn from our expert instructors about the history, tools and techniques of glass blowing. Perfect for individuals or couples, these small format classes of between 6 and 10 people offer you an extraordinary opportunity to become part of the 2000 year old glass blowing tradition! Each class is also available as a gift certificate if you’d like to share the experience of glassblowing!


Each participant in our new glass blowing class will receive;

Hand blown glass lilies


  • Instruction on the 2000 year history and techniques of glass blowing.
  • Blowing a bubble of glass from a glass blowing pipe.
  • Make a glass flower or a paperweight in your choice of available colors.
  • A photograph of your glass blowing experience.
  • A glass flower or paperweight of your own creation, available to be picked up the day after the class is complete. (*)


(*) All pieces require a day to cool and may be picked up when this process is complete. Shipping is available, though not included in the price of the class.


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Instructor Manda Barnes

Glassblowing instructor Manda Barnes


Trained at the College of Creative Arts, Manda Barnes has refined her skills at glass blowing skills at facilities across the Midwest. Manda has been delighting students with her glass blowing classes for 4 years sharing with them her techniques for creating glass tulips and lilies.






Cotton clothing and closed toe shoes are required for the class. Each client will use a separate blow pipe with the option of using disposable mouthpiece. Safety glasses and gloves must be worn at all times glass is being handled. No alcoholic beverages or drug consumption prior to glass blowing class are permitted. Participation in the class requires that a release of liability be signed by each client. This class is offered as a stand alone glass blowing experience. It is not nor is intended to be formal training for production glass blowing.

Please confirm class time no later than 1 week before time. Cancellations must be at least 24 hours prior to class event. All classes are non-refundable but can be rescheduled.



Please let me know if I can book a small birthday party for glass blowing?
My mother’s birthday is July 10 and would like to attend a class. We would like to know if it’s a weekend class?

Wendy Bridges

I would like to gift a class to my husband for Christmas. Do you have a class available?

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