Blow off Black Friday


Glassblowing craftsmanship at Wimberley Glassworks

Step away from the frantic big-box store Black Friday and enjoy a relaxing afternoon of hot cider, beautiful art and artisanal glassblowing with Wimberley Glassworks. Our team of expert glass blowers will be demonstrating their craft throughout the day with the creation of our limited edition ornaments. Enjoy a cup of complimentary hot cider with your family and friends as you reconnect with the slower pace of age-old craftsmanship.

From 5pm to 7pm our professional glassblowers will cede the Hot Shop floor to our new glassblowing class. See beginning glass blowing enthusiasts try their hand at blowing glass bubbles, shaping a molten glass gather and joining the 2000 year old glass blowing tradition. Special one-day extended hours will keep the shop open and available to visit from 10am to 7pm. 

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