25th Fest Recap!

[SMTX video and interviews from the Wimberley Glassworks 25th Fest.]

The furnaces are cooling and the music is slowly fading, but the memory of the 25th Fest is still burning bright! With a classic Texas Hill Country thunderstorm brewing overhead, Marcia Ball and the Marcia Ball Band blew the walls off of every festival tent! 

Marcia Ball performing at 25th Fest

[Marcia Ball brings her soulful Gulf Coast R&B sound to the Texas Hill Country! Photos by Mike Farquhar.]

Thank you to the estimated 800 attendees of our 25th anniversary celebration for helping make it such an unforgettable night! A special shout out to Middleton Brewery, Patio Dolcetto and Wimberley HEB for providing beer and wine tastings enjoyed by literally hundreds of our guests.


 Members of the Marcia Ball Band

[Members of the Marcia Ball Band performing for the crowd.]


Tim and Vanessa Dancing

[WGW Founder Tim DeJong and his wife Vanessa dancing the night away! ]


Tim DeJong demonstrating the creation of a river timber vase

[Tim demonstrating how a River Timber vase is made.]


Couple dancing at the WGW 25th Fest

[When Marcia Ball is playing, the dance floor is always full!]


Dancing at the 25th Fest


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