Solar Ray Opener Recap

Thank you to everyone who  helped make our Solar Ray Opener on September 17th such a special event!


Another packed room as Tim demonstrates the glassblowing techniques used in the creation of the Solar Ray installation.


Commercial Lighting Designer Ashley Main shares details of the design and installation of the Solar Ray project.


The Solar Ray installation glistens just after sunrise as the contours of each ribbon of glass catch and refract the soft rays of morning light.


Slowly shifting fields of color are projected onto the Solar Ray installation as it is lit for the first time.


A special thank you to Palmer's Restaurant Bar and Courtyard for providing the delicious food, Patio Dolcetto Wine Lounge and Bier Garden and their wide selection of wines served at the event, and the Outliers for an evening of wonderful music. Please visit the gallery to see the new Solar Ray installation for yourself!

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