Lone Oak - The Last Handcrafted Oak Tree Lamp

As this new year begins, the decade long collaborative work with renowned metal artist Jimmy Harwell comes to an end, upon his retirement. Oak Tree lamps are a combination of blown glass shades by Wimberley Glassworks and individually handcrafted steel, created in limited edition. This last coveted handcrafted lamp, Lone Oak, is now available through Silent Auction until February 27th, 2016. Please inquire with the gallery at 512-213-4148. Go to Auction to place your bid.

When glass artist Tim de Jong and metal artist Jimmy Harwell got together twelve years ago to devise a platter hanging mechanism, the result was the blend of creative minds, bringing together handblown glass and handcrafted steel as the first Oak Tree Lamp featured by Wimberley Glassworks. Jimmy's sculpted steel Tree Gate designs at the time, then evolved into lamps complemented with vibrant canopies of blown glass, beginning the Glassworks' limited edition Oak Tree Lamp collection.

Harwell's work evokes a time in blacksmithing when hands-on craftsmanship was the measure of quality and technique, not the type of machinery used. Whether private or commercial, Jimmy Harwell fundamentally approaches each project with the same philosophy.


Many editions have since been individually and uniquely sculpted over the last twelve years, some standing three feet tall with triple canopies. To those of you whose homes are graced by one of these magnificent lamps, we encourage you to share your story in response to this announcement.



What started as a single Oak, grew to a fifteen foot wide canopy of an Oak Tree emerging from the ceiling of the Granite III hi-rise lobby in 2004 for Granite Properties.


The glass patterns in this series of three Oak Tree chandeliers provide a lively canopy of green during the day and cool blues of dusk during the night. This collaborative effort was the first of many future custom art installation designs by Tim de Jong of Wimberley Glassworks.

"Wimberley Glassworks has been a vital creative partner in helping Granite to "brand" our new buildings with one-of-a-kind lobby lighting ensembles which are always the centerpiece of discussion when we open the buildings to the public." - David R. Cunningham, Granite Properties


Oak Tree Foyer Ceiling LightSubsequent private work, such as this 10-light foyer ceiling design was also created, and deemed the most magnificent piece in the collection. 

The Lone Oak Tree Lamp available now is a final edition, as Jimmy's retirement was suddenly brought about due to blindness in one eye from a virus. Proceeds, above the base price, will be presented to the artist at the end of a reception being held at Wimberley Glassworks on Feb 27th from 5-7pm in honor and celebration of Harwell's works.



Please join us in celebrating. Bids may be placed now through February 27th, 7pm, at Auction32. Inquire with the gallery at 512-213-4148.


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