Wimberley Glassworks Unique Glass Shard Jewelry by Molly and Jane

Wimberley Glassworks is pleased to release a new line of jewelry, created with shards of Glassworks’ glass patterns, by Molly with Gems of the Ocean and Jane with Sands of Time. What started as a creative endeavor coming together, when these ladies came to visit our shop, has grown to an exquisite collection of unique jewelry pieces for gals, and the guys.  Select sets are now available ONLINE just in time for gift giving. Check back with us on Facebook for holiday specials over the next several weeks.

Molly and Jane met many years ago while teaching in the same Middle School in the Greater Houston Area.  They both share many of the same passions and interests, but it was their mutual love of collecting Sea Glass that sparked their interest in working with glass. They came to appreciate how the sands of time of the ocean and ocean currents had gently shaped and tumbled the glass shards until they become true gems of the ocean. Both Jane and Molly have their own special flare for creating special glass projects ranging from Sea Glass jewelry, from shards found around the world, to Seascape Paintings made from all types of recycled glass. Their work can be seen in many of the finest stores in the Galveston Area.

It was a stroke of fate and extreme luck that they found their way to the Wimberley area and fell in love with the glass being made there. Being glass lovers themselves, they were in total awe to see how Tim and his talented team of gaffers were able to create such a range of exquisite glass with such depth, color, and character. They were now even more in love with glass!..... What if they could merge their artistry in jewelry design with this gorgeous glass to be used as a focal-point.  Perhaps they could use the broken discards from the gallery and truly recycle the art form.

They made some sample pieces and took them to the gallery for Tim and the staff to review and….. they liked them….. They really liked them !!!

Today, Molly and Jane are developing styles and designs in their line of jewelry that range from elegantly simple to simply elegant. All of their creations are one of a kind and do come with a lifetime warranty on the settings and metal work. They hope that you will visit the gallery soon to enjoy the breathtaking glass work created there. Perhaps you might even find a piece of their “wearable art “that will fit your style and taste.  If they are blessed enough to have you purchase a piece from their line, they hope that you will enjoy it as much as they have enjoyed creating it for you.

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