Wimberley Glassworks' Latest Blown Glass Collection - Dragon Scale


Fire from the mouth of the furnace to these enchanting blown glass Dragon Scale vessels -  these pieces are favored at the gallery making their presence somewhat mythical. Like fire, sunlight will beam through these translucent works when placed in a sunlit location. 

Wes Sweetser, one of Wimberley Glassworks team of artisans for over 10 years, developed this particular pattern over time into a recently recognized collection for the Glassworks. Dragon Scale Collection is available now in the gallery and online for purchase.

Wes Sweetzer with blown glass Dragon Scale Collection at Wimberley Glassworks - photo by Justus Scarver

Over 200 people attended opening night September 20th, 2015 with live music by Taylor and the Wild Now, local flavor, and Dragon's Breath cocktails by Cypress Creek Rum Distillery. 


Dragon Scale pieces were created in glassblowing demonstrations throughout the afternoon, with some wizard-like effects. Watch the glassblowing video below to see some of the live action. Thanks to everyone who came out to make this a successful and fun event.


Photo by Justus Scarver


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