Wimberley Glassworks' Corporate Lobby Art Update

Wimberley Glassworks is three months into the production of its latest corporate lobby art glass design for Granite Properties Granite 5 building, located in Plano, Texas.


Last year, Boka Powell architectural firm, working with Granite Properties, proposed an art glass design to the Glassworks that depicts large undulating waves of ribboned glass grouped across the ceiling of the intended hi-rise lobby and elevator corridor. Our team experimented with different techniques creating diamond and seedy textured, 3-foot long twisted glass ribbons, in an opaline tone lined with clear. Collaborative decisions were made in choosing select prototypes, followed up by precise design renders and a mock-up to scale.  The mock-up revealed a wonderful play of reflected light onto adjacent surfaces as well as the floor.


On a visit out, Boka Powell architects got to feel the heat in our hot shop, with a hands on demonstration sculpting these ribbons of glass.

Two-thirds of the 1,200 total pieces have been sculpted to date, complete with trimming, drilling and polishing the ends in preparation for wiring. The completed pieces, totaling 5,000 pounds of glass, will arrive this coming November for installation by the WGW our staff. It's been a consuming endeavor by all, but the anticipation of this spectacular display of glass continues to motivate everyone involved.

When your business is considering corporate lobby art, review our online portfolio, and contact us for consultation. 512-213-0932  wgw.com/commercial

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