Bentley Motors Pit Stop

Wimberley Valley is known for its winding roads and picturesque views through river valleys and hill top vistas. Bikers, car clubs, bus tours, travelers and the occasional helicopter have all stopped in at the Glassworks over the years.Topping the list, is Bentley Motors, on a recent promotional tour debuting the latest Mulsanne, along with other models, Flying Spur and Continental.


What was to be a quick pit stop, became a captivating glassblowng demo with the glassblowers custom sculpting a molten glass Bentley hood ornament to the amazement of onlookers.


A short reception followed, then these works of art in their own right, sped off into the sunset. The hand sculpted glass Bentley hood ornament is now proudly displayed at Bentley corporate. 

If you've got custom glass ideas of your own, stop by the Glassworks, or call, to consult with the team about creating them. 512-213-0923

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