Esplosione di Colori

Glassblowing Event

After months of creative exploration, a new artistic platter design by Tim and the Glassworks has come together in a grand finale of explosive color, to be presented this 4th of July weekend. Join us in celebration of Esplosione di Colori, July 3rd from 2-6pm. See these pieces created in a glassblowing demo, and enjoy wine tasting and craft beer by Patio Dolcetto of San Marcos during the festivities.

During a return trip to China last summer with my adopted daughter, I was struck by the beauty and presence of the motif of the dragon. Being a symbol of good fortune, you could imagine the symbol was prevalent. My daughter was born in the year 2000, a very auspicious year, and the year of the dragon as well. As we traveled we sought out as many symbols as we could.


Perhaps the most beautiful symbol was on a tea cup I saw on a shelf in a small tea shop. This symbol was colorful and dynamic! I have had the image in my head for almost a year. It has morphed and changed throughout my trials and attempts to express its beauty and impression on me.



Come celebrate with us! Come celebrate… “Esplosione’ di Colori" Explosions of color… or in this case, explosions of good fortune!

Esplosione di Colori will be on exhibit through July with platters available at an introductory offer. See the opening event recap and video here...

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