Solar Ray Opener Recap

Thank you to everyone who  helped make our Solar Ray Opener on September 17th such a special event!


Another packed room as Tim demonstrates the glassblowing techniques used in the creation of the Solar Ray installation.


Commercial Lighting Designer Ashley Main shares details of the design and installation of the Solar Ray project.


The Solar Ray installation glistens just after sunrise as the contours of each ribbon of glass catch and refract the soft rays of morning light.


Slowly shifting fields of color are projected onto the Solar Ray installation as it is lit for the first time.


A special thank you to Palmer's Restaurant Bar and Courtyard for providing the delicious food, Patio Dolcetto Wine Lounge and Bier Garden and their wide selection of wines served at the event, and the Outliers for an evening of wonderful music. Please visit the gallery to see the new Solar Ray installation for yourself!

SolarRay Opener September 17th

Join Wimberley Glassworks as we present a stunning array of glass, September 17th 5-8pm. Watch the illumination of the Glassworks’ latest art glass installation transition into the night.

Daylight streaming through the windows allows the unique textures and contours of the glass to glisten. At night the piece is ignited with an auroral display of color against a dark sky, using the latest RGB technology. Playing off our tower’s architecture, as it arches toward the sun, this installation exemplifies how the Glassworks’ designs create wonderment in public spaces.

“Years ago, after my discovery of the sunset beaming through winter ice buildup on the railings at Niagara Falls, I began to put light through my art glass. Today, light emits through all my works on a grander scale leaving a sense of discovery that is a thought provoking and positive experience”, says Tim de Jong, owner and lead designer at Wimberley Glassworks.

Meet the artist and peruse the gallery of art glass collections and blown glass lighting. Register below for the drawing and to enjoy an evening of glassmaking, music by the Outliers, and fine wine tasting by Patio Dolcetto, and appetizers by Palmers Restaurant, of San Marcos.

See you then!

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Esplosione di Colori Art Opening Recap

Great time at our Esplosione di Colori art glass opening July 3rd and pleased to have representatives visiting from Granite Properties of Plano, our most supportive commercial client.

Standing room only during the demonstration while Tim created an ink black Esplosione platter with blue color bursts.


This piece was proudly auctioned off to support Homes for our Troops. Wine tasting and craft beers provided by Patio Dolcetto were enjoyed by all.






Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate Wimberley Glassworks' new platter series. This series is available now in three color patterns at an introductory price through the month of July. Call the gallery to order at 512-393-3316.


Surviving the Heat

Glassblowing makes fascinating subject matter, but recently, a local student asked to take a closer look. Thank you to Gabrielle for this photo story video of Tim.

The project was for my photographic communication course at the University of Texas at Austin. I was referred to WGW by my professor. The aim of the assignment was to find a subject and tell their story using 20-30 images and a short interview. The project was more about Tim and his life rather than a piece about the shop. Tim's profession was enough to make the story interesting, but it was his openness and sense of humor that is engaging. My hope is that the story will allow others to get to know Tim a little better and see the amount of work and love that goes into every single piece of glass he makes - Gabrielle

Esplosione di Colori

Glassblowing Event

After months of creative exploration, a new artistic platter design by Tim and the Glassworks has come together in a grand finale of explosive color, to be presented this 4th of July weekend. Join us in celebration of Esplosione di Colori, July 3rd from 2-6pm. See these pieces created in a glassblowing demo, and enjoy wine tasting and craft beer by Patio Dolcetto of San Marcos during the festivities.

During a return trip to China last summer with my adopted daughter, I was struck by the beauty and presence of the motif of the dragon. Being a symbol of good fortune, you could imagine the symbol was prevalent. My daughter was born in the year 2000, a very auspicious year, and the year of the dragon as well. As we traveled we sought out as many symbols as we could.


Perhaps the most beautiful symbol was on a tea cup I saw on a shelf in a small tea shop. This symbol was colorful and dynamic! I have had the image in my head for almost a year. It has morphed and changed throughout my trials and attempts to express its beauty and impression on me.



Come celebrate with us! Come celebrate… “Esplosione’ di Colori" Explosions of color… or in this case, explosions of good fortune!

Esplosione di Colori will be on exhibit through July with platters available at an introductory offer. See the opening event recap and video here...